Tyne & Wear Public

Transport Users Group


Who we are and how to contact us..

Tyne & Wear Public Transport Users Group (TWPTUG), formed in November 2010, calls for the full integration of public transport modes such as rail, Metro, bus and ferry with private transport modes such as of walking, cycling and driving. We believe full integration can only be properly achieved if public transport is operated under public ownership. TWPTUG is a voluntary group of individuals and representatives from various organisations across Tyne and Wear. See our Partners page for more details.


You can contact Vicki Gilbert, TWPTUG chair, by email at: [email protected]


You can also contact one of our Local Groups as follows:  


Gateshead - contact  Jim via [email protected]


Newcastle - contact Paul on: [email protected]


North Tyneside - contact  Vicki  at [email protected]


South Tyneside - contact Shirley at [email protected]


Sunderland - contact Helmut at [email protected]


Alternatively you can send us an email using the form below.

We also have a flyer - ideal to hand out or pin on your noticeboard. Click here for a copy!

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