Tyne & Wear Public

Transport Users Group


Our partners

TWPTUG is a voluntary group of individuals and representatives from various organisations across Tyne and Wear, as listed below:


Campaign for Better Transport ( internal page / external website / CfBT team )

Elders Council

Inclusion and Disabled

Light Rail Transit Association

Living Streets ( internal page  / external website )



Newcastle Cycling Campaign

Newcastle Youth Council

North East Pensioners Association ( internal page  / external website )

North Tyneside Friends of the Earth

North Tyneside Women's Voices

North Tyneside Youth Council,

UNITE Community Group N. E.

Public and Commercial Services Union

Tyne and Wear Trades Council


as well as representatives from each borough.


We are primarily interested in improving the quality, quantity and availablity of Public Transport services for the general public here in the North East (chiefly within Tyne & Wear, but we also do consider issues in the wider region).


We believe that cheap and attractive public transport is one solution to reducing the environmental damage and pollution caused by private motor vehicles (one of the three major acknowledged contributors to climate change).


We seek to influence the bus and rail companies, as well as Nexus and the Integrated Transport Authority, and to encourage car owners to switch to public transport (through better prices, better integration of transport modes, supporting cyclists and disabled users, providing affordable park and ride etc.).


We aim to engage with those people who rarely travel on public transport because either:


they believe it is not cost-effective,

there are physical barriers to travelling, or

they believe there is a lack of personal security.


In all cases we aim to find out why, and do what we can to help.


We hope you will join us in campaigning, by joining local borough groups to defend and improve service provision across all modes of transport.