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Quality Contracts

Tyne and Wear Public Transport Users group has been strongly supporting the campaign to introduce Bus Quality Contacts in T&W.


The full Quality Contacts Proposal for Tyne & Wear is available at the Nexus website:



Proposal Overview




-   A public bus network ran by a publically accoutable body for the benefit of the citizens of Tyne and Wear vs. being ran for solely on commercial lines as of today.


-   A stable network of routes and timetables that could not be altered or cut at 6 weeks notice by the private bus companies, to suit themselves.


-   Bus users would have a bigger say in how their bus services are run.


-    Would stop the lack of competition between bus companies, exposed by government, which has meant higher profits for bus companies and higher fares for us. Fares would be set by NEXUS.


-    New fully interaged public transport network, with standard zonal based pricing across all bus companies vs. every bus company setting their own pricing structure. New fully integrated smart ticketing that could be used across all buses and metros and ferry.


-    Real time information as standard available for all buses in Tyne and Wear (at major stops & online / smartphones)


-    This would support a bus system similar to the London bus system that works very successfully, with buses having similar livery.




Instead of the bus companies running the bus services solely for profit for their shareholders, this would mean a legally binding partnership between  our representatives, (Councillors ), Nexus and the bus Companies, to improve our public transport.




We hope you will show your support for the introduction of Quality Contracts by writing or emailing or personally lobbying your NORTH EAST COMBINED AUTHORITY councillors representatives for your borough. See also our leaflet  - link above


The transport councillors for each borough who can be found at: http://www.northeastca.gov.uk/who-we-are/north-east-leadership-board-governance/tne-sub-members


If you wish to support public transport and help prevent climate change, then keep in contact with our information and campaigning group, Tyne and Wear Public Transport Users  Group, either as an individual member or as a group, please contact our Chair:


Vicki Gilbert,  tel: 07753137399, email: [email protected]

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